Viet Africa

A ruthless African dictator unleashes hell when a rookie journalist and an idealistic tribal leader team up to liberate his people in this geopolitical, Cold War thriller!

Newman is an Express News reporter sent to the post-colonial west African Republic of Bungulu in the mid-1980s. His assignment is to determine if there is any truth to the rumors that the American backed dictator, Kazawolo Mbane, faces a threat from Russian backed tribal oppositional forces across the border in neighboring Ratana.

Newman soon discovers the atrocities committed by the dictator to his own people is only part of the story that no one wants to hear, especially a weak US president who is up for re-election and needs an opportunity to “demonstrate strength.” Despite the danger that Newman soon finds himself in, he is determined to get the real story out, even if it means sacrificing his employer’s “presence” and his life.